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National Award of Recognition

President Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit congratulates Miss Praweensuda Putasa, recipient of Siam University scholarship for Thai culture and traditional dancing, who was awarded an outstanding youth from the Committee of National Children’s Day chaired by the Minister of Education, Miss Treenuch Thienthong. The ceremony was held at Ministry of Education on January 5, 2022.




Support of Arts and Heritage

Tribute to the late King Rama IX

Siam University was proud to present the dancing and musical performance paying tribute to the late King Bhumibol Rama IX in the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation Concert during December 5-19, 2021. The events were organized twice by the students and staff from the Cultural Arts Center and SCA College of Arts or Superstar Academy, Siam University.

Higher Education Art and Culture Festival

The Cultural Arts Center Siam University has participated in the 20th Higher Education Art and Culture Festival at Lampang Rajabhat University during February 9-11, 2022. The event was chaired by the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation. (Source:

Student Music Club

With recognition to the importance of music and cultural culture, Siam University has set up our Student Music Club comprising students from various departments. The music room was then renovated with modern musical equipment to facilitate their activities. Student Music Club has performed very impressively in many occasions held at Siam University and other places.


Wai Kru Ceremony for Performing Arts Teachers

This annual ceremony was organized by the SCA (Superstar Academy) College of Arts on October 10, 2022.



Record and Preserve Cultural Heritage

The Cultural Arts Center Siam University has displayed the evolution of National Thai flags, traditional Thai musical instruments, and Khon “Traditional Thai Dancing” Masks, which are highly respected by all Thai especially those who are training or working in arts and culture. The exhibition is open to all.

As for preservation of cultural heritage, students and faculty members of Faculty of Communication Arts, had worked with the Department of Educational Technology and Innovation, Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University and Faculty of Communication Arts, Stamford University on short documentary works on the Chatree drama of Petchburi province. This project was supported by Thai Media Fund.

The documents were recorded in 5 episodes. See:

Internationally, the Center of Arts and Culture, Siam University, was invited to record VDO clips for the "Folklore 2021-Symphony of the World", organized by the Office of Student Affairs, American International University- Bangladesh (AIUB) in order to honor the heritage of folk music across borders and transcending generations. This virtual international celebration of folk musical performances from around the globe was broadcasted virtually on the 21st of February 2021. It was participated by the students of 17 institutions from 10 countries around the world. In the “Folklore 2022-Symphony of the World Season 2”, Siam University was also invited to participate in this international cultural program. Our staff from the Center of Arts and Culture and students have recorded contemporary music and Thai classical dancing named “Jantra Pa Fhun” (Moon Dreaming).




      Chatree Drama of Petchburi Province Document Series
      See :

Siam University hosted Higher Education Speech Contest in honor of the Chakri Dynasty

With cooperation of the Chulalongkorn University Alumni Association (May 7, 2022)

Public Access to Local Cultural and Heritage


The Cultural Arts Center Siam University, which was established in 1994 with the mission to promote, preserve, and develop our unique Thai arts and culture, is well known for their cultural museum consisting of Khon masks of Thai Classical Dancing and National Thai flags. The museum is free and open to all. Other cultural statues that are located in Siam University are the statue of Lord Vishnu, the god of creation and the preserver of this world who is the symbol of Siam University; Cheewaka Komarapha, the hermit doctor and symbol of local medicine; and the statue of Dr. Narong Mongkhonvanit who is the founder of the University.

Public Access to Open Spaces and Green Spaces


Siam University provide public access to libraries and collections as indicated in SDG4. In addition, we provide public access to the Garden of Peace which marks close collaboration between Siam University and the United Nations, and “Healthy Space and Learning Garden, Siam University”. Public are welcome to visit our campus which have plenty of green and open spaces.

Sustainable practices

Local authority collaboration regarding planning and development

Siam University has worked with the Office of Phasi charoen District, Bangkok, where we are situated for years since we started the Healthy Space project which has become the exemplary practices in local development. Starting 2021, the Office has appointed the President, Dr. Pornchai Monkhonvanit and other faculty members and staff of Siam University as their advisors. Some of the projects were undergoing, i.e., planning of community development, mapping Phasi charoen District. The latest project is the eco-friendly canal tourism of which we will try to connect three canals - Bang Chueak Nang, Bang Phrom, and Lat Mayom.




Meeting with the  Deputy Permanent Secretary for Bangkok on Mater plan of Thonburi canals with emphasis on Bang Chueak Nang canal (November 9, 2021 online) and meeting with Phasi charoen District district director on Master plan for Phasi charoen District, Office of Phasi charoen District  (March 23, 2022 onsite)



Meeting on the “Three Canals Project” with the Office of Phasi charoen District and representatives from communities hosted by Lat Mayom community

SDG Projects in Communities

Siam University has worked with public sector, mainly the Phasicharoen District Office. In addition, we have been participating in the Government Savings Bank “Youth for Community Development Project” since signing our MOU on April 11, 2019. The project aims not only to provide lifelong learning about savings but also provide assistance for the community economic needs. In 2020-2021, five communities – Poonbumphen, Lad Phachi Canal, Lertsuksom, Lat Mayom Canal, and Bang Korbua – were selected to be our social living labs. In 2021-2022, another five projects were undertaken. In Lat Mayom Canal community, our “Smart U.” team had worked on BCG market and then extended their work to the preservation of local woodcraft which almost becomes “Forgotten Heritage”. The team helped with redesigning the brand as well as commercial management both online and onsite. The “Sustainable Engineering” team decided to work in Wat Ang Kaew community which has many “unseen cultural heritages”. Not only they helped the community plan local tourism but also helped develop many “check-in” points by painting walls in the community. In Sirin and Friends community, the “CA Metaverse” team has been working on rebranding the local herbal products, mainly from Leech Lime, which the community has already used the herb in the liquid product for washing, dishwashing, softener, floor cleaning solution, bathroom detergent, and car wash shampoo. The student team in Lertsuksom community worked on developing “creative agriculture homestay” project while the team in Poonbumphen community tried to promote canal eco-tourism in Bang Chueak Nang canal and nearby canals




Lat Mayom Canal Community



Wat Ang Kaew Community


Sirin and Friends Community




Lertsuksom Community



Poonbumpen Community