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  Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable
              industrialization and foster innovation

National Innovation Agency, Thailand (NIA) has initiated “Uni startup scheme”, an annual event aiming to promote entrepreneurism and encourage local businesses and startups. The scheme has engaged more than 70,000 students over last 5 years. In NIA Startup Thailand League 2022, 100 prototypes from 48 public and private schools nationwide were selected for “Demo Day” on August 5, 2022 at KX - Knowledge Exchange for Innovation (KMUTT). Among these selected teams, 5 projects of Siam University students were selected –TBT19 (Organic soap TBT19®), Safe Heart, Fit SU (Good Food Application), MBASiam2022 (Thailand Go Application), and CA Metaverse (Teim Suk or Happy Station)

Organic soap TBT19® Faculty of Medicine students have done research and development on Organic soap TBT19® in order to solve sensitive skin problem during Covid 19 pandemic. TBT19® is an innovative 100% natural organic soap with active ingredients such as Roselle. Honey, Mangosteen peel, Turmeric, Coconut oil and green tea extracts. It is suitable for everyone, especially people with occupational irritant contact dermatitis and those allergic to alcohol in the hand washing gel to prevent Covid 19. This product is packed in pellets in a refillable cylinder which is easy to carry and convenient to use.

Safe Heart Application. The students in the Faculty of Nursing and Business Administration ideate Safe Heart Application which is an innovative health technology to facilitate people who have a health problem with coronary artery disease. The important function of this application is to provide knowledge for the users about self-care, risk assessment and emergency referral to the MOU hospitals.

Good Food Application. The students in the Department of Food Technology, Faculty of Science, create an idea of Good Food Application, an innovation to support the lifestyle of urban people. The application consists of five interesting features - Good life, Good food, Good satisfaction, Novelty, and Convenience – which function like a personal secretary for advice on health and nutrition of food. Thus, it could be benefit for those who are lack of time or having NCDs health problems. It also useful for food entrepreneurs and food industry to inspect the quality of food such as meat, fruits and vegetables.

Teim Suk Station (Happy Station). A vending machine project arises from a contradictory concept in the design of packaging and labeling for herbal products by CA Metaverse team consisting of Siam University’s students and Sirin and friends’ community, one of the social living labs of Siam University. The project was supported by the Faculty of Communication Arts and the Government Savings Bank (GSB) under the project of GSB Startup Academy. Teim Suk Station not only brings happiness to users, producers, communities and society but also a truly sustainable distribution since it focuses on refilling local products such as shampoo, conditioner and liquid detergents produced by Sirin community members. The buyers of the community products can bring a container or a leftover bottle to use this machine for refill. In this way, cost of a packaging will be cut off making the unit price reduced and reducing household waste at the same time.

Thailand Go Application. The self-guided application for Thai and foreign tourists in Thailand invented by students in Faculty of Business Administration. This application contains helpful information of nearby attractions, temples, local restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, shopping malls, financial institutions, hospitals, etc. It also connects to other famous application such as Wong-nai Application, and Tourism Authority of Thailand for further information about the local attractions and activities as well as connects to Bangkok Mass Transit Authority to link the bus lines around Bangkok. The tourist can start the application from any of our designated pickup points and travel to another place by use the service of application. In this way, the tourists can save the time and budget for their travel plan.

In addition, SIAM_DeepTech team of students from the Faculty of Engineering was selected among 20 teams that participated in the Startup Thailand League 2022 Online Coaching Camp to be awarded consolation prize. The event was organized by the National Innovation Agency, Thailand (NIA) during March 25-27, 2022

Siam University students In NIA Startup Thailand League 2022