Sustainable University : Innovation for Sustainable Future - President’s Statement

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President’s Statement

Sustainability has been one of the pillars of Siam University and our emphasis on reinventing the university. We thus endorse sustainability as our priority in the mission statement and announce our vision to become “leading university creating innovation for sustainable future” aiming at both campus and community sustainability. Many initiatives have been implemented accordingly. One of the latest policies is the policy to integrate sustainability in academic, research and engagement activities and two models were adopted – the “Triangle of Living Learning Lab (SU-LLL)” and the “UPC4Local SDGs Action Model” with partners among University-Public/Private Sector-Community. The models, which have been actively implemented in both pre and post Covid-19 pandemic, emphasize real-life experiences in our “social lab” communities based on the principle of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) and “Living Lab (LL)” with the hope that they will lead to the achievement of SDGs by 2030.

With regards to our mission to develop university campus as the sustainable model and sustainable living labs. Another important policy was approved recently by the University Council in August 2022 - the “Siam University Carbon Neutrality 2045”. Several strategies and plans were proposed accordingly. Siam University family and our partners will then commit to drive this policy. We will continue to be a role model for a sustainable university that drive for sustainable future for all.

Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit

President of Siam University

October 15, 2022