Program to reduce the use of paper and plastic in campus    

Siam university aims to reduce paper and plastic usage in the campus under the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) Project of which at present consists of 4 programs as follows:


1.       Under the leadership of the Office of the President, policy to reuse paper and continually use of double sided-printing paper was announced. Departments and offices in the campus have followed this practice. At the same time, all offices encourage their staff to print papers only when necessary.

2.       Siam University initiates the “LessPaper” system to reduce paper in daily workplace. We also use online registration without any papers. Since March 2019, these programs have been used in all offices of the campus resulting in the reduction of paper usage to 75% of total usage. This means Siam University can also reduce CO2 emissions and help save the world.

3.       Siam University strongly intends to reduce paper and plastic usage under the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) policy. It is estimated that our efforts on all these programs have led to the reduction of more than 80% of waste in the university. Many programs that were supported by the university included those organized by the Research Center for Community Development, Siam University. The center is responsible for the “Zero-Waste Program”, a recycling program for the waste, which aims to encourage our staff and students to reduce, reuse, and recycle (3Rs) waste, i.e. recycling plastic bottles and reuse rubber tires for new invention within the university.

4.       Siam University has implemented many programs to reduce single-use plastic for some time. The President has set policy not to use any single-use plastic in meeting room. Staff and students are encouraged to bring their own bottle and cloth bag. Moreover, as member of SUN Thailand (Sustainable University Network of Thailand), we have signed a MOU with CP All Public Company Limited on July 5, 2018 to reduce single-used plastic via Ecolife Application Campaign in 7-11 store and retail stores within the university. This campaign consists of 3 programs: (1) “Mug for Me” program aims at reducing single use plastic wastes, (2) “Bring my own Bag” program aims to reduce plastic bags and promote reusable bags for shopping, and (3) “Creative idea” contest aims to award the students and staff for their creative ideas in reusing and recycling single-use plastic.


It is estimated that our efforts on all these programs have led to the reduction of more than 80% of waste in the university. In addition, we also plan to implement the “Green Library” program in the main library of campus, hopefully next year.


   the use of tumblers instead of plastic and polystyrene on the campus.  



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