Recycling program for university waste

Siam University has initiated many activities under our waste management policy. Several project-based and area-based activities both in and out of the classrooms were initiated. We have supported many projects which aim to promote awareness and consciousness for environmental conservation, habit-building for garbage management, as well as the projects which plan for value-added to waste. Siam University organizes “Big Cleaning Day Project” at least twice a year. This project aims not only to clean our campus and offices but also aims to differentiate types of the waste for recycling program. The recyclable waste (e.g., plastics, glasses, papers, aluminum cans, metals, rubber tires, etc.) is sold to the waste buyers from outside.

Recycling program for the waste is provided in our university, such as “zero-waste program” under the project of Efficiency of Waste Management: 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) under operation of Research Center for Community Development, Siam University ( Our university policy leads efforts to encourage staff and students to recycle waste more than 50% total waste.

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