Goal 9: Build resilent infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

The Covid-19 pandemic has opened an opportunity for academia to create new ideas and innovations. Besides daily-use necessities such as mask, sanitized gel/alchohol, Siam University has encouraged our faculty members and students to create innovation for campus use and for donating to needed hospitals and organizations such as MHESI, King Rama III Memorial Hospital (Phranangklao) and Somdejprapinklao Hospital, the Royal Navy. Examples of innovation include automatic sanitization gate, automatic temperature measurement, positive pressure helmet, high flow oxygen, UVC sanitization cabinet. A new innovation is “Strong Siam Application” (see SDG4) in which all can downloaded to update the Covid-19 situation. Another interdisciplinary invention is the “Intelligent Trash Bin” developed by faculty members and students in the Department of Civil Environment and Sustainable Engineering, led by Trithos Kamsuwan and Tawan Penrut. Computer Engineering students set up a software program to control a hardware system while Mechanical Engineering  install a mechanism to automate trash bin. This Intelligent Trash Bins are utilized in Office of Phasi chareon District, Rung Fa community, and Ban Bang Khae Social Welfare Development Center for Older Person. (https://www.opt-news.com/news/17973 and https://ucdnews.com/archives/3721) At national level, our Siam Future Unicorn Startup student teams have participated in the National Innovation Agency (NIA) (virtual) 2021 Startup Thailand League Mega Hackathon “The Next Frontier of Innovation”. In addition, the Faculty of Engineering has hosted a virtual TESA Top Gun Rally #15 with the Thai Embedded Systems Association during February 22-26 February 2021. Many universities, including Siam University, had encouraged their students to compete for “The Best Embedded System Developers”. (see dettails in https://www.facebook.com/TESAatSiamU/ and https://www.tesa.or.th/)

 “Intelligent Trash Bin” contains sensors such as Ultrasonic Sensor and Gas Sensor which send signals via
Lorawan or WiFi indicating that the bins are full. The automated bins help reduce exposure to Covid-19.

Siam Future Unicorn Startup teams in 2021 Startup Thailand League Mega Hackathon

Top: 2021 TESA Top Gun Rally Embedded System Developer Team. Below: Other SiamU Covid-19 Innovations