Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy

Renewable Energy

Siam University started a solar power program as a renewable energy source. Begonning two years ago, solar lights are installed in some areas and pedestrian paths in our campus. The program expands gradually and we have now installed more solar cells on the roofs of many buildings. It was shown that the total electric capacity produced from solar power is approximately 719,531 kW-h. We intend to increase our energy saving capacity by planning to install more solar cell lights and solar roof in other areas in the campus, both indoor and outdoor. According to Siam Energy Annual Report 2021, our electric bills in the year 2020 were 17,273,460 baht while the electric bills in the year 2021 were 13,605,883 baht. We have thus managed to reduce 26.96% reduction. This reduction was due to other methods that we used to control the electricity usage of the lecture rooms, elevators, air conditioners replacement and solar lights installation along the pedestrian path within the university. However, the reduced electric bills were also affected from Covid-19 situations, which the university was closed for a few months. In the near future, we are planning to initiate other measures to reduce campus energy consumption by reallocating our classroom schedule in accordance to the daily  energy consumption and by installing “Wind Turbine” as another source of renewable energy in the campus.