Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all woman and girls

Equal Opportunity of Female Students

Siam University values equal access to higher education. Hence, there is no restriction for women applications and entry. The Covid-19 has affected on our enrollment and the number of this present academic year is not static but the Office of Registration reports that in 2021, we have accepted slightly more students than the previous year. The data indicates that there are 3,770, 3,680, qnd 3,593 female students in the academic year of 2019, 2020, and 2021. These numbers amount to 48.60%, 46.81%, and 44.74% in 2019, 2020 and 2021 repectively. At Ph.D. level, the number of male and female doctoral candidataes are very close. At undergraduate level, number of female students in Medicine is a little larger than male. Not much differences are found in the area of STEM and in the area of Art, Humanities and Social sciences. As for the total number of graduates, there are more women graduates than men in the total number in the academic year of 2018 – 2019; however, the number of women graduates in 2020 are a little less. However, when look at fields of study, there are not much diifernces between male and female graduates

SU Women in International Academia

Representatives from Siam University have been recognized nationally and internationally. Quite a few women faculty members of the University have received awards and recognition from national organizations. Vice President, Professor Emeritus Dr. Chanita Rukspollmuang, was the only women from Asia invited in the drafting working group of the new Magna Charta Universitatum or MCU 2020. The group was selected with consideration of equal gender as one can see that there are 4 males and 4 females. In addition, they represented countries from different regions of the world. The MCU 2020 now has almost 1,000 signatories (http://www.magna-charta.org/magna-charta-universitatum/mcu-2020). Moreover, with recognitition to our work on SDGs, the Vice President was invited to speak on “Women’s Leadership and their Roles in Sustainable Development” at the International Symposium of the Institute for Global Leadership on December 19, 2020. The event was organized by the Institute for Global Leadership, Ochanomizu University, Japan, a research organization for the promotion of global women’s leadership. The symposium discussed how women’s leadership is conceptualized, developed, and put into practice, and how it needs to be modified. It highlighted the important role that female leaders play in various social issues in Asian countries, providing insights from women in leadership roles in Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, and Japan. (https://esdteachers.bangkok.unesco.org/?p=1298)