Goal 2: End hunger, Achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

“Zero Hunger” in Campus

Siam University provide our students, staff and community with healthy and affordable canteens. They can choose from local Thai food to international ones. All the food in the canteen have been regularly inspected to make sure that they are clean, healthy and safe. Moreover, in order to promote sustainable food purchases, we encourage the canteen owners to use products from local farms and producers. 


As for university access to local farmers and food producers, Tunyaporn Sirilert and Nattiga Silalai from the Department of Food Science, Faculty of Science has provided knowledge and technology to local farmers and food producers as well as academia in the field of food sciences and Food technology. One of the latest research reports published this year entitled “Development of plant-based meat” was done with More Meat Innotech Co., Ltd. The products (plant-based meat) can be cooked in various way, such as meat balls and pork mince, and taste very close to natural meat.

Moreover, the Department of Food Science regularly organized healthy food festival and publish the journal of Food Technology: Siam University which has been recognized in the TCI 1 (best journal) list by That Journal Citation Index (TCI). Facebook: Food Technology & Siam University.

“Zero Hunger” in Communities

Siam University recognized the importance of food security and dedicated to help community have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life. The Student Affairs Office has worked with organic farm at Klong Lat Mayom community for years. The products have been used in the market and the households. At Poonbampen community, the breakout of the Covid-19 pandemic and Bangkok lock-down has forced us to postpone our food festival and Sunday market. We then decided to make this opportunity to provide a food bank for the members. At the same time, with the help of the Government Savings Bank, a Michelin Chef was invited to investigate local farms and invent a unique Poombumpen menu which was televised nationwide.

Urban organic farm at Klong Lat Mayom community

Chef Chumpol Janprai, Michelin Star Chef, demonstrated how to cook “Poonbumphen special dish”, using vegetables from their local urban organic farms.