Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Green and Clean Campus

Siam University is committed to green and clean campus. A few years ago, the Faculty of Science initiates the “Green Faculty” project for waste management. In response to Covid-19 pandemic, the university has sanitized all classrooms and offices. And, on January 30, 2021, the President led volunteer staff and students in the“Big Cleaning Day” for the safety of SU family. In addition, many programs were constantly initiated for the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in accordance with the “No Plastic and Polystyrene” and Waste Management Policy to help reduce CO2 emissions.

Reuse: After the initiation in the Office of the President, all departments and offices in the campus have now adopted the reuse paper and double sided-printing paper policy. We also managed to negotiate a discount for those who bring their own mugs, glasses or cups with shops and coffee shops in the campus.  Moreover, the President have encouraged the use of cloth bags and have made personal drinking bottles and cutlery sets which are very pracital in time of pandemic.

Reduce: "No straw, No more plastic" campaign is implemented with the continuation of “Mug for Me” and “Bring my own Bag” program to reduce waste from single use plastic. The “Ecolife” Application Campaign in the campus 7-11 store as well as retail stores is still in use since our MOU with CP All Public Company Limited on July 5, 2018. The “Ecolife” reported that there are 44 university participated in the program and the latest report shaows that Siam University was ranked on the top 10. This appllication has furthers improve its version in tree planting which will be reported in SDG 13. During WfH (Work from Home), the University supports SU family with full option of Microsoft Team as an official platform for academic and administrative work. Our electronic office campaign have constinuously endorsed. The Academic Resource Center has participated in the “Green Library” Program. The Registration Office and the Admission Office have just implemented “Digical ID Card” in addition to online registration and report. Virtual Orientation for the Freshmen were organized twice on June 12 and August 17, 2021. It was reported that since March 2019, these programs have helped us reduce the use of paper up to 75% of total usage and result in the reduction CO2 emissions and paper usage was reduced for more than 80%. This number will soon increase since Siam University has moved to the next step from “Less Paper” application that was launched in the university since March 2019. We have just developed “Strong Siam” application as the main online contact point. This user-friendly application provides necessary information and help connect with various offices including and the Office of Sustainablity website.

Recycle: Waste sorting bins are provided in most buildings and the newly invented “Intelligent Trash Bin” will soon be used in the campus. The Research Center for Community Development continues their Green University events such as “Zero-Waste Program” and “Eat & Pick: Smart Canteen”  to encourage our staff and students to recycle plastic bottles while the “Beautiful Alley” recycle program uses rubber tires for plant plots. In addition, Siam University also participates in “You Turn” project to recycle Strengty and hard plastic.

Waste Hero Awards

In relation to SDG12, Thailand Sustainability Expo was initiated by Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (“ThaiBev”) in 2020 with the ambition to follow the path of the late King Rama IX’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and support the UN 17 SDGs. In 2021, TSX2021 was organized virtually during September 30 – October 10. Students were invited to participate in TSX Hackathon, Waste Hero Award and TSX Shaper Points (Follow TSX2021 on Line and Facebook: TSXOfficial and www.tsx2021.thailandsustainabilityexpo.com) Siam University has participated in the event since their first year in 2020. We are very proud that in TSX2021, the work of our students has been selected top 50 in “Shaper in Action: Waste Hero Awards”.