Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere


Education at all level is basic human right. To assure equal access to university, especially those from lower socio-economic status and the vulnerable, Siam University provides many scholarships, loan and other financial services in addition to government’s Student Loan Program. Approximately 20% of our students have received some form of financial aids such as 100% free tuition, 50% tuition discount, scholarship for students with disabilities, and scholarship for needed students who have good academic achievement such as Siam Wisdom, Siam Digital Guru, Super Talent, Athletes, Thai Arts and Culture. Moreover, we provide Siam Young Blood scholarship for families of present students and graduates within 5 years, Children of Alumni, Super Parent for those from single-parent family, and QS Siam. In the year 2020 and 2021 (as of September 22, 2021), it was reported by the Office of Registration that 25.58% and 14.54% of our students received some form of university financial aids. During Covid-19 breaks out, the University provides special financial measures. When the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI) provides 5,000 Baht per student as a Covid-19 financial aid, the Admission Office reported that 5,694 Siam University students have applied.

“No Poverty” in Communities

In accordance to Siam University “Sustainable University, Sustainable District”, Siam University has initiated many projects in response to community needs. One of the projects that has an aim to alleviate poverty is the “Youth for Community Development Project” supported by Government Savings Bank which Siam University has joined since our MOU signed on April 11, 2019. The project aims not only to provide lifelong learning about savings but also provide assistance for the community economic needs. It should also be noted that the project has followed the late King Rama IX’s advice that in helping people, “We should give them a fishing rod, not the fishes”. Thus, the project aims to foster self-reliance leading to the betterment of living and sustainable community. In 2019, 7 projects in 5 communities were initiated. The following year, another 5 communities were selected to launch the projects. These communities serve as our “social living labs” where the students and staff will have real-life experience and the communities will benefit economically, socially, and ecologically. Example of the project relating to “no poverty” in the communities is the “Unseen Poonbamphen” festival Project. Our students and staff have helped Poonbamphen community with their home-grown farms and organized a festival to introduce their agricultural products and cook Thai dishes from local vegetables. We hope that this urban farm will promote (Bio-Circular-Green) BCG economy in the community and surrounding areas. Moreover, home-stay are initiated in the community, leading by Ban Suan Bonus Organic Farm Stay and Dong Yen Home Stay. We are very fortunate to organize the festival on February 26, 2021 before Bangkok locked-down. At present, the products are available online through Facebook: วิถีชุมชนพูนบำเพ็ญริมคลองบางเชือกหนัง”


Facebook: วิถีชุมชนพูนบำเพ็ญริมคลองบางเชือกหนัง