Michelin Star Chef in Poonbumphen Community, Siam University Social Living Lab

Siam University, led by the Faculty of Nursing, has been working on development projects for Poonbumphen community, one of ‘social living labs”.  After we organized “Unseen Poonbumphen Festival” on February 26, 2021, the community becomes well-known of their preservation of traditional Thai dessert, urban organic farms, and beautiful home stay on the bank of Bangcheucknang canal. Many youtubers and TV programs have visited this oasis in the middle on Thonburi district. On 9 September 2021, Chef Chumpol Janprai, Michelin Star Chef, came to Poonbumphen to learn how to make Thai traditional dessert – Thong Ek, Ja Mongkut. In return, the Chef demonstrated how to cook “Poonbumphen special dish”, using vegetables from the local urban organic farms. The program was co-hosted by the Government Savings Bank and was televised nationwide in the “Amazing Thai Food” program.