Sustainability Policy

  • “Sustainable University, Sustainable District”
  • Siam University aims 
    • To be a model for green and sustainable university which give a special attention and concern for both within our campus and the wellbeing of the surrounding communities and Thai society.
    • To promote initiatives and continuous improvement in the management system and activities within the university for sustainable development.
    • To encourage our students and staff to become change agents for the betterment of communities and society.

Safety Policy
          Siam University aims to become a learning organization for safety management system and implement the safety management system for all staff students, and communities surrounding. Safety policy, safety rule and safety best practice information shall be promote and distribute to all students, staff and adjunct staff who work for SU.
          We are committed to develop:

  • Safety management system which comply to national safety standard and Safety Act and implement to all in our university and make them ensure for security, safety and health in workplace with safety audit and continual improvement.
  • Hazardous waste treatment or disposal system within SU to use less toxic chemicals in all activities
  • Decrease on hazardous waste usage to ensure safety for all in SU and communities surrounding.
  • safety in workplace for all staff and students by integrating safety in workplace to all activities.

“Green and Clean Campus” Policy
Siam University is committed to develop a “Green and Clean Campus”.  Safety and healthy space within the university shall be promoted for a better quality of life for all student and staff. Our commitments are:
“No Plastic and Polystyrene”

1.   No polystyrene containers for food used within all canteens, restaurants, coffee shops, food centers and minimarts in the university.
2.  Encourage to use biodegradable materials and containers for food usage in all canteens, restaurants, coffee shops, food centers and minimarts in the university.
3.  Encourage to use personal or reused /recycled food and drink packaging within the university.
4.  Foam usage reduction in exhibition and in university activities.

“Reduction of paper usage within the university “
Our commitments are
1.   Paper usage reduction by using two-sided printer and Electronic Office.
2.   Encourage to use Electronic meeting with paperless campaign.
3.   Encourage to use Electronic learning to reduce paper sheets and papers in teaching media

Waste Management Policy
Siam University is committed to develop waste management system for both municipal solid waste and hazardous waste in standard practices and meet regulations. Students and staffs shall be encouraged to reduce reuse recycle and proper management on treatment and disposal. We are committed that:

1.  Solid waste and hazardous waste shall be managed according to the waste hierarchy of reduction, reuse, and recycle, treatment and responsible disposal:
2.  Products that can be re-used, or recycled shall be encouraged.
3.  Efficient use of equipment, materials or chemicals shall be promoted.


  • King Rama IX’s “Sufficiency Economy Philosophy” and “Sustainable Development” (including SDGs) are employed as guiding principles.

Target Groups

  • The 3 Ss – Students, Staff, Surrounding communities




Sustainability events

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Sustainability Report 2018

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