Water Conservation Program Implementation

Since 2017, Siam University has announced water conservation policies and supported many related activities such as installing water efficient appliances, “Save Water” poster campaign, survey and management plan of natural water resource, water treatment systems, etc. We have increased the number of water efficient appliances in toilets in various buildings as well as continuously use conserved water for various purposes, such as washing floor and watering plants in the campus. With regards to the fact that we have small pond and canals around the campus, water conservation program for rain water storage and usage is then feasible. It should be noted that Siam University has worked for at least 2 consecutive years on the “Water Conservation Project” in cooperation with Utokapat Foundation under the Royal Patronage of H.M. the King. The project emphasizes surveying and cleaning natural water resource, such as canals around the campus. In summary, the present water conservation program (i.e., rain harvesting systems) can store high amount of natural water for supplying and using in our university. More than 25 - 50% of water has been conserved. The conserved water is treated technically prior to using.

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Sustainability Report 2018