Renewable energy  produce on campus



With regards to renewable energy sources, Siam University has at least 1 alternative energy source – solar power. We have installed solar cell lights in some areas and pedestrian paths in our campus. In the study plan, it was indicated that the solar power can produce total electric capacity approximately 24,000 kW-h. We intend to increase our energy saving capacity by planning to install more solar cell lights in other areas in the campus, both indoor and outdoor. According to Siam Energy Annual Report 2018-2019, our electric bills in the year 2018 were 21,832,093.13 baht, while the electric bills in the year 2019 were 21,167,594.3 baht. We have thus managed to reduce 3.04% reduction. This reduction was also due to other methods that we used to control the electricity usage of the lecture rooms, elevators, air conditioners replacement and solar lights installation along the pedestrian path within the university.

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